Thursday, April 14, 2011

Garden Party Card

This delightful image was a freebie from Delightful Inspiration. Want to get a freebie next week? Head on over and learn how you can get freebies every week just by playing along :)
Here is my card that I am giving to a wonderful person I know who is recovering from a double mastectomy. Today was her first day out and she really was enjoying the spring weather. So I thought I would send along a cute note with her son tomorrow letting her know how lovely it was to see her! The inside reads :Spring is a time of new beginnings.

So the card didn't turn out as I wanted. I was having a rough day today (and of course I left things til the last minute-oops) So here are my learning tips:  (enjoy the chuckle at my expense)
1) When using glitter, wait until it dries before you decide to colour the rest of your image (or keep baby wipes close by for your hands)
2) When dry embossing on the BigShot, make sure you turn your paper the right way. Otherwise instead of 'popped up' dots you get indents.
3) When using the coluzzle, dont' pick it up and move it half way through cutting. Believe it or not its hard to match up and may cause your oval to be a little off (giggles)
Have a great night!


Bridget said...

I feel your pain Laura! I have done those things too! You'd think after a couple times, I'd learn! I love your card. Your friend will love it too! And the's just perfect! Thanks for joining us @ Designed2Delight!

Faith S. said...

Like Bridget said, I have done each of those things too!! lol! I think your card is adorable! Thanks for joining the "Garden Party" at Designed2Delight this week!