Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An easy peasy card

This card is a quick, easy card you could add any sentiment to. The flower is so pretty and super easy to do! Punch out about 5-10 scallop circles from your favourite cardstock. Fold (or scrunch up) each scallop. Some people find it easier to do this if they mist it first with water (I'm way to impatient for that-lol). Unfold and stack them all together, piercing a hole in the middle. I used a paper piercer here due to the thickness of the papers together. Attach scallops with a brad, and fan out/scrunch up as you see fit. Then attach it with a strong adhesive. ** Remember if you attach the brad directly through the flower to the card, the fastener part of the brad will go through the card and that doesn't look so pretty on the inside!

A new beginning.....again?

Yes, its true. I have decided to start a new blog. Why? Well a few reasons. 1) I feel this blog will allow me to share all my creations, not just my cards. 2) I needed a blog to post my card entries in contests :)
So I will try and keep it updated as much as possible, but I'll be honest. I prefer to be crafting than blogging so I may miss a few days in between-lol. Hope you find yourself inspired :)